Is the scale a place that gives you anxiety?

 If you've gotten too obsessed with the same number on the scale, this blog is for you! I have put together ten ways to track your fitness and health progress using everything but the scale!

1. Measurements

Using a tape measure around your shoulders, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and calves can show you how many inches you have lost or gained! These measurements directly correlate with how your clothes fit you and how much fat you have lost or muscle you have gained.

2. Body Fat Percentage


Your body fat percentage can determine your health and fitness WAY more accurately than your weight does. And no, I am not talking about BMI.

You can track your body fat percentage in a lot of different ways. Not all of them are 100% accurate, but if you use the same method each time, you will be able to track body fat lost or gained!

3. Muscle Gain

Do this using the same method to calculate body fat percentage.

I'm going to debunk the myth that muscle "weighs more than fat." It isn't true. But muscle is more dense than fat, taking up less overall space than fat would. So muscle gained = progress gained.

4. Strength Gain

Make sure to keep track of the weights you start with and compare the numbers when you begin to feel stronger and healthier! 

5. Endurance Gain

Cardio and high rep schemes are hard, especially when you start on your fitness journey! Keep track of the time it takes you to run a mile (or something along those lines, if endurance is something you wish to gain), and continue to compare how much better you feel each time you run!

6. Clothing Size and Fit

If your clothing size or fit changes at any point, I think we can attribute it to your hard work! 

7. Journaling your Confidence Levels

Journaling is a helpful tool! When you first start, write down where you are mentally and how confident you are day-to-day. I know that once you begin to see changes, your confidence levels will rise! 

8. Journaling Your Energy Levels

Once you start to prioritize your health, energy levels naturally begin to increase. Journaling is an easy way to track it!

9. Flexibility Gain

If you can touch your toes but couldn't when you started, that's progress! 

10. Progress Pictures

Snap some pics when you begin and every two weeks along the way! You will SO appreciate that you took the time to do this. It's hard to see small changes when you are looking at yourself in the mirror every day. When you have a side-by-side comparison between a couple of weeks or even months, you'll be surprised at how much your body has actually changed!




Keep these things in mind next time you step on the scale! 

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Watch this video explaining all the tips above!


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