"Miranda is motivational and supportive and always goes above and beyond. She’s done a great job aiding me in incorporating health and fitness into my daily routine."

"With Miranda's help I stayed focused and encouraged on working to improve my confidence, body image, positive outlook on everything going on in my life. She wasn’t just my trainer as far as a physical appeal, but she conditioned me mentally and trained me to be a stronger person as a whole."

"From day one, her friendly and approachable demeanor put me at ease. But it's not just her personality that shines – she's truly exceptional at what she does. Miranda has been instrumental in boosting my confidence as I work towards my fitness goals!"

"I used Miranda’s online program for several months and loved how each workout was broken down to achievable segments. Miranda helped me get back into a regular fitness routine and I am grateful for her dedication as a trainer!"

"Miranda has been with me for different life stages and is knowledgeable in regards to what your body needs to accomplish the goals you set."

"Whether you’re brand new to working out or have been an athlete your entire life, you can learn something from her. She will challenge you at your own pace and specific to what your goals are."

"She has so much knowledge on what she does and the results show that. It’s amazing. I’ve improved my mental and physical health so much working with her."

Miranda is an incredibly caring and involved coach. She pushes you to work hard and achieve your goals. She listens to your concerns and personalizes your workouts to your specific goals..."

"Thank you Miranda for helping me feel more healthy and confident in my body!"

"Gives you new ways to think about exercise and how to progress on difficult form! Patient while pushing me! You won’t regret having her as your trainer!"

"I was a total beginner and was nervous because I had no knowledge on how to work out properly. She patiently helped me build a strong foundation and educated me on the basics of body mechanics to help me weight lift successfully. After 28 sessions I feel confident working out and I'm feeling strong."

"Miranda has helped me get a more holistic understanding of my body and how all my pieces work together which honestly has helped me so much."

"Miranda has helped me become a healthier person all around and helped me create habits and lifestyle changes that will last. Not only did I lose the weight I wanted, but I am stronger than ever. 
I am constantly impressed by what I am able to do because she pushes me and encourages me."