"I started with Miranda as a New Year’s Resolution, the gym was doing a trip challenge and we thought it was a good motivator to stay focused. I ended up getting second place based on the end result pictures, and it made me hungry for more improvement after seeing from where I started versus what I look like now. I’ve been through an emotional/mental roller coaster with the things life threw at me while being trained by Miranda and she was the cheerleader in my corner giving me perspective and positivity towards my situations that had me feeling down in the dumps, and unmotivated. The gym was my outlet! With her help, I stayed focused and encouraged on working to improve my confidence, body image, positive outlook on everything going on in my life. She wasn’t just my trainer as far as a physical appeal, but she conditioned me mentally and trained me to be a stronger person as a whole."

"Hi everyone.. You don’t know me but I have tried different methods of classes before. CrossFit, YMCA, and other private gym instructors.. The reality is that you can always make excuses about why they did not work. With Miranda, she made me realize I had to be accountable. She is a great, likable person but at the same time, even if you don’t notice, she is actually really tough. In a nice way (not screaming to your face, but actually saying “I know you can do this… I know you can do 3 more”). Which actually makes you feel more accountable without the screams! She is young, I know. But she is wise beyond her years and kind, which these days you cannot take for granted. I no longer live close to her gym but will drive to train with her. Besides, she helped me lose 20 plus pounds and counting, so #winning!"

"Miranda is an amazing personal trainer! I started training with her when my main goal was to look good on my wedding day, but it has become so much more than that. She has helped me become a healthier person all around and helped me create habits and lifestyle changes that will last. Not only did I lose the weight I wanted, but I am stronger than ever. In less than four months I went from 23% BF to just under 15%. She focuses on what my body needs, and adjusts each workout to reach new goals. I am constantly impressed by what I am able to do because she pushes me and encourages me. Not to mention she is kind, funny, and keeps the sessions entertaining. And by the way, I did feel amazing in my wedding dress! :)"


"I started training with Miranda Kopp in February 2020.  I have been in and out of ‘gym life’ most of my adult life.  This last year with Berserkers has been by far the best ‘gym experience’ I have had to date!

A couple of times in my past, I have had the experience of using a personal trainer, but these past sessions NEVER compared to the most recent time spent training with Miranda.  Her focus and attention on me personally, what I needed to reach my goal, her communication weekly via email and text was immensely helpful to my success and my personal accountability.  I also love that I have all my training/workouts to reference back to when needed! 

During my training schedule, Berserkers had to close due to COVID.  I believe this experience has helped us all be more appreciative of what we have with our gym memberships and Berserkers in particular.  Miranda remained attentive during this time reaching out with a tailored workout plan for me to do at home.  

Miranda always expressed to me and expected from me the confidence I needed to push harder than I would be doing workouts on my own.  She provided excellent guidance with respect to form and nutrition and gave me a great platform to continue working out on my own.  I feel more at ease trying out different moves and routines as well as a better understanding of how to use more of the equipment in the gym.  

Miranda is awesome!"


"Simply put, Miranda is the best at what she does! When I came to her I was overweight, unhappy, and not confident in my skin! In the past year, Miranda has helped me to lose unwanted weight and put on muscle mass! I’m getting stronger every day and seeing all the changes is the best feeling! I get to call her my trainer, but also my friend. Dream legs in the making!"

"Miranda was able to take the base that I knew and expand on it. She was able to help me reach new levels faster than I thought possible. And, she was always available for questions and information."

"I have been training with Miranda for six months. She’s motivational and supportive and always goes above and beyond. She’s done a great job aiding me in incorporating health and fitness into my daily routine."