Miranda's Mission


Welcome to Find Your Vigor with Miranda!

This community platform was created to teach you how to unveil your power within, which is the very definition of vigor!

We all crave meaning in our lives. I believe that you were created to impact the world in a way that only you can do. That's why you have a passion and why you dream!

Before Find Your Vigor, I felt stuck. When failure and defeat came knocking on my door from all different angles, I didn't know how to handle it. So I went on to search for anything that might be able to "fix" my failures away. I wanted to find a way to reach my full potential. 

Newsflash! I never found a fix. I ended up failing many times after that.

It took a lot of work, but eventually, I accepted that I am so much more than my failures and my fears. 

That's when Find Your Vigor was born. I created a program meant to teach women how to find confidence in who they are! I am committed to building health and fitness programs that demonstrate what is best for our bodies.

 What does it mean to be HEALTHY? We figure this out by asking these questions: 

1) Have I given myself space to dream?

2) Is my community encouraging and uplifting? 

3) Are the products and foods in my home helping me or harming me?

By becoming the best version of ourselves physically and mentally, we can change the lives of those around us! 

So if you're ready for a change; and need a small push or some accountability, Find Your Vigor is just for YOU!

Let's change the world together by building this community and improving the lives of thousands of women together!

Contact me if you're ready to FIND YOUR VIGOR!

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