The community of Find Your Vigor was created to empower women to become the strongest version of themselves

Do you quit when an obstacle seems too hard to overcome? Do you struggle with discipline? Have you been working hard towards a goal but feel stuck? 

I know how scary it can be to try something new; to watch other people succeed and ruthlessly compare yourself to them, wishing it was your reality.

This is exactly what I went through. Once I found a new way to set goals and achieve them, I felt unstoppable. The overwhelming feeling that I didn't know where to start melted away. I gained confidence when I realized that it doesn't have to be complicated! 

From overall wellness to athletic performance- Find Your Vigor utilizes techniques to build your mental and physical strength to help make your fitness goals a reality! 

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Miranda Kopp

Hello! I am Miranda, the founder of Find Your Vigor!

I am a qualified fitness coach that is passionate about building female strength!

I am no stranger to the fitness industry, having spent 5 years as a fitness coach and 15 years as an athlete. Specializing in helping women gain muscle and lose body fat, I have successfully helped a range of clients not only achieve their goals but surpass them!

As the creator of affordable and personalized exercise programs, my goal for Find Your Vigor is to show women in their twenties how to gain confidence through unifying mental and physical strength.

I am available for private consultations!