Are meal plans included in the cost of a program?

It is important to know that I am not a nutritionist or dietician. However, I have a lot of experience helping others find a healthy balance in their meals. If you are thinking of a more personalized program (in-person client or online monthly programming), then meal guidance is included! 
Can the Lean In Program be done at home?

The Lean In Program cannot be done exclusively at home. That program is coming soon! ;)
Do we get to keep your program for reference after we complete it?

Lucky for you, I want to see you succeed! You get to keep all the information I send you FOR LIFE. No strings attached!

Is your Lean In Program created for people who already know what to do in the gym?

Lean In is for anyone who needs a guideline to follow! I teach you how to count calories and macros on your own, as well as give you a guideline to follow in the gym! This program is great for beginners or anyone needing to change things up!

What does SS mean in the Lean in Program?

Whenever you see "SS," it means super set. Super sets are done correctly when you do two exercises back to back, rather than finishing out one exercise at a time.